Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 stockings

Wow. I have 3 kids. I've had 3 for a year and a half now so the surprise of it should be over. Yet I think because we had all of them in under 4 years it has taken awhile to sink in. 95% of the time it feels normal but every once in awhile I step outside myself and think "am I really putting toothpaste on 3 little toothbrushes?" Or I set the table and think "We really need 5 forks, huh?" Now I know some families (ahem...Diacogiannis') will laugh at this because to them anything less than ten is 'a quiet night'.
When I pulled stockings out this month it hit me fresh as I hung one, two, three, four, five stockings. Five Christmases ago there were only 2 stockings and we were hoping Darla would be born 'any day' (yeah right...January 7 is hardly a Christmas baby). Now there are 5 proud stockings and if you notice, there's room for another one or two if we all scoot over a bit.

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