Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bertranda; neighborhood of Champions

Everett has learned how to pull on his rain boots, open the sliding glass door, and trek outside without notifying me. (This often happens before 8:30am) Thankfully, we have a neighborhood where everyone watches out for each other, we are surrounded by 1/2 an acre and a private park so I have enough time to catch him.
Yesterday I was dusting inside while watching all 3 kids play outside. I saw Mr. Hardaway circle around with Crystal, the small dog he walks multiple times a day. My kids adore Crystal and love sharing their stories of the day with Mr. Hardaway who has a kind, grandfatherly way about him. They talked awhile and patted Crystal before letting Mr. Hardaway move on.
Awhile later Mr. Hardaway passed through again. I could see Everett saying "puppy, puppy". Then I saw Mr. Hardaway fish around in his pocket, pull out a kleenex, and gently wipe Everett's nose before moving on.
Ahh...that's a good neighbor.

We got our neighborhood newsletter last night; regarding spring clean-up in the park, the summer garage sale, and other items of business. Then the sentence, "Welcome back Sean and Shilo Taylor family. We are pleased you are able to rejoin our community."

This morning I made my way to the Green Barn: the best produce store I have ever known and only a couple miles from our house. The owner greeted me as I came in and said, "Shilo, you're about 1/2 an hour late."
"I would have been here 1/2 an hour ago but I had to stop at the orthodontist," I explained. Then, "Oh geez, am I really that predictable?!"
Ahhh... the familiar.

I drove through The Woods Coffee to bring S. a coffee after running errands. I was blessed with 2 free coffees from a good friend who was working as a barista this morning.
Ahhh...good riddance Starbucks. Thank God for local coffee & quality friends.

Hudson learned to ride a bike without training wheels last week. He can practice whenever he wants, even without S. or I out there to help because he has a full length basketball court to cruise. The kids have been collecting dandelions, earthworms, large sticks, and pinecones. They visit the neighbor's rabbit and are right now decorating the patio with sidewalk chalk.
Ahh...independence for toddlers.

There is no better place to be when you don't know where the heck you're supposed to be.

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  1. While I am so NOT excited about moving back to the old house ... since it hasn't sold ... I AM excited about Woods Coffee ... and the Green Barn ... and the Chiropractor ... and my friends Shilo & Jasmine ...

    (I'm going to be one lonely lady since my sweet hubby won't be moving back with me ... so I hope you young ladies and your little ones won't mind me and my young ones hangin' around a bit.)

    Laurel :)