Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Man Who Makes Me Look Good

Without my talented husband, this blog would continue to be bland, but he spoiled me by tinkering with it on his quiet Sunday afternoon so you all have something pretty to look at. Without my husband's pushing...ahem, I mean nudging, I wouldn't have even started a blog. Writing has been a part of my life since I was first learning to read but I've always kept my stories private and my journals hidden. I'm currently on journal #38 since my first one was given to me by my best friend in 8th grade. (They now consist of more than just the boys I have a crush on.) S. has strict instructions to burn them when I die.

In college I gave up writing (other than journaling) because I came across so many amazing, talented writers. I couldn't have a vocabulary that extensive even if I used a thesaurus on every word! I decided that there are enough words, books, and blogs out there. Nothing new can be said. I continued to journal what the Lord was teaching me, but I concluded that my written words didn't have anything to offer.

Then when I was a young bride I began transcribing for a ghostwriter. We began talking one day and she encouraged me to stretch myself in writing. I was put on the spot and shared my conclusions with her. She adamantly disagreed with me and told me that if God gives me a message, I should share it in writing. She encouraged me to stay in practice. I felt incompetent, had no formal training in writing, and wasn't sure if writing was something God gave for me and Him privately or if it was something to share.

Soon after, I discovered that maybe not everything had been written. As S. and I looked for curriculum or devotionals for our students in youth ministry, we found plenty of topical studies; dating, lying, your relationship with your parents. We couldn't find anything for our students who had recently committed to Christ that would teach them the basic story of Scripture, how to connect with God, and what God's character is like.

So I wrote one. Nothing fancy and not using many of my own words; just a quick introduction with questions that a leader can do while mentoring a new believer. A;life was born- an interactive study that includes video, devotional, and a year long reading plan. Much of BIG OAK is getting this study into the hands of people who might benefit from it. I felt insecure about throwing it out there to our group of students and leaders but then I had students talking about how it helped them understand God. Okay, I must still be insecure about it because I haven't picked it up to read it in 3 years.... it's so hard to have something in permanent print that I might see fifty mistakes in today! When S. decided this year that he wants to do more with a;life I decided to go back and re-write it. I have yet to get the courage to pick it up.

When S. created a blog for me, handed it over and said, "start writing" I again intended on it being a private thing. (Well, except for my mom. I knew she'd think it was great because she always thinks I'm smarter and funnier than I am. I love my mom.) Somehow people kept finding out about it. I am learning that maybe God has some messages and lessons for me that might also speak to other people.

All that being said, thank you friends for letting me know when something encourages and spurs you on. And thank you my husband for pushing me and making me look good.


  1. Thanks, S., for pushing your beautiful wife to do more than just write in her personal journals.

    I LOVE reading your thoughts and your family stories. I LOVE seeing all of the FUN pics (smooshing your faces together). I LOVE knowing how to PRAY for your precious family.

    Your words are a BLESSING to others.

    Keep writing!!!

    :) :) :)

    PS: I started writing in a little locked diary when I was in 7th grade. This was before "blank books" were popular. The little 5 year diary only had about 4 lines to right in for each day of each year. So, I would cut little pieces of lined paper, to match the size of the space in the diary, and tape them on top of each little space. I think that the most pieces of paper I ever taped onto one date ... was 17. Yes. 17 little scraps of paper, carefully taped into place, on top of each other (which made the diary to thick to "lock". Guess I wasn't smart enough to figure out that I could actually just use the 5 year diary for 1 year ... and use all 5 spaces for each day. :)

  2. Hi, I just found your blog 2 days ago via 'i can teach my child'. I have only read a few posts but each one really challenged and encouraged me in my personal walk with Jesus. I am so glad that your husband encouraged you to write. Your words are like GOLD to me.

  3. I too found your blog via "I can teach my child" and I can't remember if I posted yesterday, but I totally started a journal in like 4th grade and I think until I was out of college they talked about the boys I had crushes on. hehe. Glad you are writing. I felt the same way for a long time (my BA is in creative writing) after I graduated due to some unfortunate events, but am glad to be blogging as a form of writing again. Enjoyed this post!

  4. Looks wonderful! I treasure reading your blog ... it is always so insightful and educational! (You've even inspired me to begin my own blog.) THANK YOU for sharing the raw emotion of your writing, you are an inspiration!


  5. I just started reading, and you have already blessed me. I actually linked to you today. ( Remember, God instructs us not to hide our talents, but to invest them in his kingdom.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  6. I also have a collection of journals going, as well as many notebooks full of stories I've written over the years. I see so much of myself in your story. I love writing but I to share some of your insecurities. Thank you for filling this blog with so much wisdom, transparency and encouragement! It is a blessing to me. :)

  7. Hi, I found your blog through 'I can teach my child' - lovely to read through a few posts. What a beautiful family. It's such a blessing to have an encouraging husband. I love the title of your blog. My life feels like that often, too. Blessings,

  8. I'm glad the Lord is using you. I'm also glad the Lord is allowing you to feel weak, so you can stay humble:)

  9. Love the new look and love your posts. Hey, no burning of journals, lady! Those things are sacred! Darla will keep them safe for you.

  10. I remember in Army 32 and middle school youth group, talking about journals and writing. You were definitely one of the ones who influenced me to write! And even though I haven't been as great at keeping up with my blog, it's still such a special thing.

    And I have numerous journals I love (and sometimes dread lol) looking back at.