Friday, November 13, 2009

Disney on Ice

Some good friends of ours treated Sean, Darla, Hudson and me to Disney on Ice last weekend. Sean & I could hardly watch the first half of the amazing show because we were enthralled with our kids' reactions. We don't watch many movies and because Darla is highly sensitive to what she sees, she's never seen Lion King, Cars, Little Mermaid, or Tinkerbell which were all featured on ice. It seemed to add to the allure & magic of the experience because the kids are familiar with the characters and storyline and yet have never seen it come to life. Darla wore her "princess skirt". Hudson couldn't let her dress up without being her prince, so he chose his ring bearer outfit from a wedding he was in this past summer. These two never even took advantage of having a whole seat to sit back in; they were perched on the edge for the two hours of Disney bliss that passed in front of us. (As you can see from the pictures, Sean and I were equally entertained)

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