Sunday, November 29, 2009

Glimpses of thankful hearts

Thanksgiving landed us in Long Beach, WA to spend a few days with S.'s dad and sister, Megan. Here is the how much "Grandad" loves his grandkids: he keeps these ridiculously large stuffed animals in his house for them to play with when they visit. He also keeps a shelf of Disney movies which was perfect for a Thanksgiving evening Mickey Mouse-a-thon. We fed sea gulls on the beach and had hot chocolate at the
Moose Lodge so Grandad could show off his grandkids. Grandad read to the kids and introduced them to the squirrel he feeds in the mornings. Hang out time with Aunt Meg is always a treat (Darla insists that Aunt Megan is really a kid...I know she means that she's as fun as a kid... it has nothing to do with Meg's maturity ;) ) Grandad also spoils me- he stocked the cupboard with Starbucks french roast coffee. Ahhh...Happy Thanksgiving!

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