Saturday, January 9, 2010

Darla's 5th Birthday

Props to my daughter for knowing how to throw a party. A house full of cousins, some friends & family, and one heck of a Tinkerbell pinata. (I highly recommend pinata's with small children- quality entertainment.)

We had Bible Study in the morning where Darla's class sang her Happy Birthday. Jasmine & her kids came over for the afternoon. At one point we thought Everett was playing with the other kids but had snuck in to do some wall art (okay, a lot of wall art) on a bedroom wall with a green sharpie marker. Not long after I discovered it I also discovered the closet shut and locked (we have no key). Thankfully, 4 out of 6 kids napped while Jazz & I had lattes & talked. Good thing we had the rest because soon after James jammed 3 toothbrushes down the sink.

Sean was unscrewing a closet door and taking apart a sink while our birthday guests arrived. 10 children 5 & under, a couple dozen hot dogs, pinata candy, and a bunch of dress-up clothes made for a loud, rockin' party.
My grandma is in town and made her special mud pie (just in case the kids weren't sugared out already).

Once everyone had left and it was way past bedtime, an exhausted and over-stimulated Darla all snuggly in new Tinkerbell pajamas, sighed and said,
"Mom, this was the best day of my life."
So worth it.


  1. What fun! We used to do pinatas with our kids all the time (when our Big Kids were little).

    Oh how I remember the days of ... wall art ... locked doors ... toothbrushes down the drain ... oh yea! You and Jazz WILL look back on these times with the BEST of memories.

    I can't wait until my kids have kids ... and we have houses full of cousins. Our kids didn't grow up knowing ANY cousins ... so they have no idea how fun it will be for their kids.

    LOVE all the pics ... you are BLESSED with an AMAZING family!!!

    Miss you all ... those two little guys are growing up ... we had such fun with them last year ...

    Laurel :)

  2. Halle would have LOVED all the kids....I'm laughing about the closet door and toothbrushes...only because I know my time is coming. Take today for instance....Hal was supposed to be napping. I just heard her so went to check....ALL three binkys thrown out of her crib, socks off and she'd pooped. I changed her pants and was ready to put her back in her crib only to guessed it POOP on the sheets. I'm happy to say the sheets are now clean and Hal has laid back down...let's hope anyway!!
    Love you!!!