Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pre-School Warrior

I snapped this picture of Hudson sitting on the counter while I prepared snacks yesterday. At age 3 1/2 we are starting to see an inner warrior come forth in him. The other night he started praying about danger. He prayed about the 'robbers' who broke into people's cars in our neighborhood Christmas night. He prayed for the police to get them, for Daddy to get them and hit them, for them to bring back Mommy's cds. Then he prayed that God would get anyone who snuck into our house. Over and over he used the word "danger" praying with more fervor each time he said it. When he finally said 'amen' Darla burst into tears. "Hudson's prayers scare me!" She declared. "Why does he only pray about danger?"
Oh, the tender heart of a little girl and the fighting heart of a little boy.

Perched on the counter while I sliced apples, Hudson told me he wanted to be a soldier. We had seen some pictures of Matt Cole in Afghanistan and it made a big impact on a little boy. He said, "Me be soldier, Mom."
"I have no doubt you would make a good soldier because you are good at protecting people and loving what is good," I answered.
"Me go to 'Ghanistan, Mom."
"Yeah. Me not scared. Me have Jesus. Me get ALL the bad guys. Me get them and they not hurt people." He was giving his best 'tough man' face and taking swings like a bad guy was directly in front of him.

Then he paused, looked back at me and said, "Mom? You hold me now."
I scooped him up. He kissed my cheeks and snuggled in. How I love a warrior at the cuddly, Momma-lovin' age of three.


  1. LOVE it!

    My Elijah is quite the warrior ... with the big brother that has been a soldier. But ... at 8 years old he is still the most amazing snuggler. The best of both worlds.

    Love you guys!

    :) :) :)

  2. Ya know, Whitworth's got a great Army ROTC program... full-ride. Just sayin :)