Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To the leadership at MVCTK,

As you know, Shilo and I have been on sabbatical for the last several weeks due to anxiety, stress, and spiritual duress. A few years ago I had a severe anxiety attack as the result of years of fast paced ministry and unhealthy habits formed by my overworking, driven, undisciplined nature. For the past two years we have sought health and healing through our faith, better boundaries, counseling, and medication. In moving to Mount Vernon last summer we hoped the slower pace and new job would bring to completion the restoration we prayed and hoped for.

In October I encountered a spiritual attack that was more debilitating than I realized at the time. In one day I had calls from 3 separate people regarding being woken in the night and told to pray for this battle I was facing. Regardless, I lost fight and resolve. Over the next two months I battled isolation, apathy, depression, and anxiety. Without realizing the depths of my wounds I continued to bleed with the infection of poor choices and an unhealthy pace. Ultimately I had another severe anxiety attack in December that left me debilitated, left my wife wounded, and my family a casualty.

These past six weeks have been the most significant time in my spiritual life and in my marriage. I have rediscovered my identity in Christ. I see that pride is the root of my sin and anxiety. I know the purest calling of my life is to honor God alone. Shilo and I have found healing, restoration, and hope for the future of our marriage and family. I am learning to die to myself, to my dreams, and my own plans.

As you can guess this process has involved confusion yet clarity; excitement yet sadness; fear yet faith. Ultimately we have decided that I am unable to serve as Pastor at this time.

At this time I am stepping down from my current pastoral role at MVCTK. Matt C. will be taking my responsibilities in youth ministry along with Grace L. I will be part-time helping the staff here at MVCTK while Shilo and I seek further direction for this next season of life.

We love our Mount Vernon family and have experienced unconditional love and grace from this church family. We have been unbelievably blessed and are so proud to have MVCTK as our home. We covet your prayers and continued support as we seek the Lord’s will for our family.

Thank you,

Sean and Shilo

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  1. Sean and Shilo, there is definitely an enemy roaming around out there, but we got your back through prayer. Greater is He...than he. Enjoy the journey and know that one day, maybe years from you, you'll look back and say, "Remember when..." My wife and I do that all the time. Love you guys!