Wednesday, February 17, 2010


To add another interesting twist in the Taylor story...I am sitting amidst boxes, packing tape, and sharpie markers this evening. S. is at the 48; the youth ministry here at Mount Vernon CTK, to share that he is stepping down as pastor for the time being (see below letter). He'll still be working part time there. While all of this job stuff, soul-searching stuff, family time stuff has been going on, we never have been able to sell our Lynden home. It's been vacant for a couple months and we are to the end of being able to make double payments. We decided last week that if it didn't sell by this past Monday then we would pack up and move back. Well, Monday came and went without an offer. Here we are Wednesday knee high in boxes with plans to get a truck within the next week to load up.

We aren't quite sure how long we'll be there. We aren't quite sure where our lives are headed. We aren't quite sure how to answer any practical life questions today.

We are sure that we serve a God who comes through in profound, miraculous ways for us. We are sure we love each other and are committed to our marriage and our family. We are sure that regardless of what position, town, or financial situation we find ourselves in, we can serve Christ and learn to love Him more.

In the meantime we're going to cozy up in our little old house, fling open the sliding glass door, and let our kids run free in the yard they can't wait to get back to.


  1. Praying for you all. So sad for you ... yet so glad that the LORD is working in your lives in MIGHTY ways!

    If our house doesn't sell in the next month ... we'll be moving back to Lynden with you. Crazy, huh?

    Love to each of you!


  2. Dear Sean and Shilo,
    I can Identify with some of this my "issues" started in 1999, and my business partner/antogonist saw things in me back in 94 95 kept a list of my shortcomings and shared them with me in 2000. I have been "working" on this best of times worst of times walk ever since. This month I hsve read both; "Why I Stayed" by Gayle Haggerd and "Shattered Dreams"by larry Crabb It has helped me to make sense of my darkness and shattered life, but I am yet to figure out how to get myself on the alter and stay there. There is not much Issac in me. I hope it's Jacob in me and not Essau some days I am not sure. I do pray for you hurt with you and watch with you> I pray for breakthrough and probably more correctly asl God to show us how to walk with a limp. I love you both dean king

  3. S&S....
    You two are brave heroes.
    no matter what you have gone through i see 2 people dedicated to following the call of God even when it doesn't make sense and is hard to do. Thanks for being incredible examples! I know the process and road you have walked has not been easy, but thanks for being honest about it and being transparent with the blogosphere!

    prayers going up for you guys in this season.

    much love. much much love,

  4. We'll be waiting Taylors....with open arms...and warm cookies! We LOVE all of you and CAN'T wait to spend some time again in that backyard....we have a little girl that LOVES to play outside and our condo doesn't offer much of that for her. What an inspiration you both are to us.....
    Loving you,
    The Edge's....