Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's looking a little promising

When we moved back to our house the last week of February, we had some great help. I had about 15 boxes worth of stuff that had to be crammed into a small hall closet. It was quite a feat but a couple friends managed to jam it all in there and quickly close the door. I thought, "I'll get to that once we get settled."
Two weeks later I decided that I would not get to that closet unless I knew we were staying. It's not worth it if I have to pack it all up again. In fact, our garage has neatly stacked empty boxes. We didn't break them down just in case we have to fill them back up again.

Yesterday the Luis Palau organization called. They are formalizing a job offer and will be sending it next Thursday for us to approve or negotiate. S. would be a Festival Director for them. Basically he would spend about 14 months raising money, getting churches on board, and planning a Palau festival. Leading up to the festival, Palau does "season of service" which is a couple month period where all the local churches come together to do some sensational community service projects. At the end of their work is a Festival celebration; with bouncy houses, kid areas, professional skateboarders & BMX, big name Christian bands, and the gospel message presented numerous times. The festival lasts 2 days. Then the churches step in to follow up with people who gave their lives to Christ, and hopefully continue with some service projects.

Ironically, when we started the interview process they planned to send us to San Diego or Phoenix for training. Things kept falling through but they still wanted S. to work for them. A couple weeks ago some people from Bellingham called Palau asking to do a Palau festival here.
Yesterday when they called they said they would like to hire S. to do a Bellingham festival. We are still discussing details and have yet to have a formalized offer...but it's looking very possible. If that's the case, Palau will help support us with what we need, staff, etc.

When I called my mom to tell her it's looking probable she asked, "should I come up tomorrow to help you organize your closet?"
I almost did it that very moment. Then I decided to wait until next week. The way that the Lord has been allowing interesting twists and turns makes me hesitant to make any assumptions. (But I have been daydreaming about which vegetables to plant out back in the garden.)

Thank you for all you who have been praying for us in this turbulent season. It has definitely felt like all the job options we considered have been knocked down one at a time, with this one left standing. We are praying if this is the best for our family, that God would show us by providing the salary we need to make it work for us.

Now we are going to go enjoy our first Easter in 9 years where we don't have to be busy with extra services and church preparations. In a year where we can loudly attest to the forgiveness and grace we have (in abundance) from Christ, we are going to soak in the celebration with our family.


  1. We'll keep praying!

    Look forward to seeing you when we move back to our "old house" next week. Sad for us ... but glad that we have a few friends to come back to.

    Laurel :)

  2. Oh, Shilo - definitely praying! What an encouraging hope! Even though I know your faith has not wavered, there are times when we call out, "When, Lord? How can I make it through the uncertainty?"

    His grace is abundantly poured out, even when we can't see it through the fog of our tears.