Friday, April 9, 2010

A white, sparkly heart

On Easter something clicked for Darla. She has always been quick to say that Jesus is her best friend, that she wants to obey Jesus, and that she can't wait for heaven. But she has never understood so clearly what sin does and the need for Jesus to make us "white". Her fantastic Sunday School teacher explained that it's like we have black hearts; with sin and bad choices. When we ask Jesus into our hearts it's like he makes our hearts white and sparkly; taking the sin out, making us new.

Darla responded with exuberance and presented a cross to us after class that says Darla asked Jesus into her heart. She explained to me, "I talk to Jesus all the time and I know all about Him but I never did that before!"

We drove past the cemetery yesterday and Hudson asked questions about death. Darla assured him, "It's like we don't even die because we get to go to heaven."
I added, "When we've asked Jesus into our lives to be our best friend then we do get to go to heaven.
"Mom," she asked with concern, "do you have a black heart?"
"I have a white, sparkly heart Darla because Jesus is my best friend and he forgives me, too."
Suddenly frantic she said, "Hudson! Ask Jesus in your heart RIGHT NOW! Quick, so you can go to heaven! You have to, Hudson."
I told Darla, "We are going to wait until Hudson decides he wants to do that. We can't make him do it."
After thinking for a moment she said, "I'm going to do it FOR him right now!"

Why am I not surprised?
I explained that each person has to make their own choice. "It's between him and Jesus and you can't decide for him, Darla."

She was upset- desperately wanting to fix her brother. I told her that one thing we can do is pray. I gave her the example of praying for Aunt Megan. When Megan didn't know Jesus we prayed for the Holy Spirit to teach her, for her to find Christian friends, for her eyes to see truth. Jesus did all those things and now Aunt Megan loves Jesus and has a white heart, too.

Darla got very quiet. A few minutes later I said something and she answered, "Shhh! I am praying for Hudson. I'm going to pray for a long time."

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  1. Precious!!!

    Cassie gave her heart to Jesus at a Billy Graham crusade when she was 5 years old. Not too long afterwards, she took Jeremiah out to the barn to have a talk ... and came in proudly proclaiming that Jeremiah (age 4) had now asked Jesus into her heart.

    Now, almost 20 years later, Cassie is still telling kids (youth, now) that they need Jesus, and Jeremiah still has Jesus in his heart. I am sure that will be the case for your kids as well ... can't wait to see who your family has become in 20 years. :)

    Laurel :)