Monday, May 17, 2010

Everett celebrates two

The morning of Everett's second birthday was pandemonium as a gigantic garage sale was going on in our front yard. I got him dressed but apparently I didn't do a good enough job. He rummaged through his things until he found his favorite yellow hat and some beat up boots he calls "dire boots" (fire boots). I tried to switch for a more subtle baseball hat and weather appropriate sandals. I should know better. Everett is determined with strong opinions about everything from food (he has yet to eat an egg and I serve them nearly every morning), to apparel (see above pictures), to which toys he is entitled to (the neighbors can hear the screams if another child innocently picks up his lawnmower).

Since before his birth, Everett has surprised me by what a blessing he is to our family. I found out I was pregnant with him right after S. started dealing with anxiety, was up to his ears in ministry commitments, and we already had two toddlers. I was initially nervous but God gave immense favor through Everett. Not only was my pregnancy great but his birth changed the climate of our little family. Simply his presence seemed to soften edges. His first year we marveled at what an easy going, delightful boy he was.

At two we are getting to see Everett's unique relationship with his siblings. He adores Darla and seeks her out for help and nurturing. Now that she has started reading, he brings easy reader books and climbs into her lap.
I'm so thankful for Darla and Hudson now that Everett is in the "why Mommy?" phase. Now it turns into, "Why Dah-la?" And the eager big sister happily answers the why trail. (She's even been known to turn it around to "Why Everett?" which causes them both to collapse in giggles.)

Everett has a hard time pronouncing "Hudson". Some time ago Darla referred to herself as "Sissy" when talking to Everett. He didn't catch on (thankfully!) but soon after Hudson followed suit and referred to himself as "Bruthy" when talking to Everett. (Even typing this makes me laugh). Quite unfortunately, the name "Bruthy" stuck.
The other morning I was finishing my quiet time when I heard Everett call from his room "Mommy! Up!" I took awhile getting his milk. Soon the yells of "Mommy! Up!" changed to "Bruthy! Help!" Tender hearted Hudson raced in to get him up.
Everett has started to get 2 of everything when he goes to the toy box: one for himself and one for "Bruthy" to play with him.

When Everett was an infant, I for some reason was compelled to sing "This Little Light of Mine" to him while tucking him in. I don't particularly like that song so I always fought the urge and picked a different one.
Recently I can't seem to sing anything when I tuck Everett in because he is full of interruptions. He's busy. He wants to sing it himself. He fidgets. I never get more than a line in.
Last week I remembered how naturally "This Little Light" came to my head. I began singing it. When he saw that there are motions that involve blowing and yelling "No!" it became his favorite. Now when we sink into the rocking chair he sticks his index finger up, ready. I suppose the Lord knew what it would take all along to keep his attention.

My prayer for this next year of Everett's life is that the Lord would continue to go before us, equipping us with the right songs, the right discipline methods, the right expressions of love for him. I pray that he will always love and be as passionate about prayer as he is now. (He stops us to pray an average of three times during a meal). May Everett's passion be used to seek the Lord whole heartedly and may his charismatic personality be used to draw others to Christ.

Happy birthday, Everett Clifford!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Everett. You were just 4 months old when I started to babysit you during Bible Study. Oh my! You have grown into quite a little boy.

    Laurel & the gang :)