Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent moments

Popcorn and movie night. Yes, Everett picked to wear this hat for the event. And yes, he chose to wear it all the way through the grocery store yesterday.
Date night. Yes it was good and no, I'm not posting details.
"Really we'll sleep like this, Mom. We won't talk or bother each other at all. Please?"

Tuck-ins are a treasured time in our house. I now know why my mom still tucked us in until we moved out. It's the best time to review the day, get the giggles, pray, and unwind together.
Last night Darla was struggling; she has had some skin problems causing her pain and then she bloodied her tooth after knocking heads with Everett. I asked Hudson if he would pray for his sister.
"Dear Jesus, help Darla. Help her have a good day. Help her have a good day when it's Everett's birthday soon. Help her get her tooth out so it doesn't hurt. Jesus, you forgive Darla. Take punishment out of her heart. Amen."
Not to be outdone, Darla prayed for Hudson, "Jesus, help Hudson to sleep good. Help him to not have any bad dreams, any silly dreams, or any scary dreams that just big kids think are funny. Help Hudson to not pee in the bed. Thank you for Hudson. Amen."
They gave huge hugs to each other that lasted for a few minutes. Hudson was laying down so Darla put her head on his chest. He played with her hair and they giggled. It was a sacred moment that I was blessed to observe.

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  1. Ahhh Shi, so precious! Riley has the pink jammies that Darla is wearing. ;) Today I had to take Avery back to the Hospital for some more kidney testing. We went in really early, so Riley wanted to pray for Avery last night. "Dear God Jesus, please keep Ave safe during her appointment. Help her to stay happy and not to cry too much. I hope her shots aren't too bad, and I'm glad I don't have to have any. Make her wake up happy and don't make her be sick when she gets home. Amen." So precious!

    I got your e-mail last night, I do feel like I've been at least keeping up on the more public events that are happening in your lives. I've been reading your blog and Fb postings, so I don't feel completly out of the loop. Praying for you guys!

    Love, K