Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Summer Days

Hands down, summer is my favorite season. My favorite things include strawberries, hammocks, bare feet, shorts, thriving vegetable gardens, tans, and not having to warm up my car in the dark when I work out in the morning. As you can see, all other seasons fall short in the Northwest.
We have been maximizing our sunny days (I even choose to grocery shop at night if it means playing in the sun during the day). Here are a couple glimpses into our sunny moments:

Sean introduced the kids to Chex muddy buddies. We polished off an enormous bowl on the patio...they're hooked. This was followed by an "outside bath". Our genius idea: we hook up the hose to the hot water tank and fill the kiddie pool. We then haul out towels and shampoo. With how dirty our kids get, it ensures that I don't have to bleach the bath every day and it's much more fun to bathe in the sun anyway.
Living in the best neighborhood in the world means climbing apple trees, playing 'pirates', having neighbors over for iced tea, catching bugs and frogs, and continual sword fights. These are our neighbors who have 3 kids the same ages as our 3 (they also have a baby sister which constantly reminds my kids that they need a baby sister, too.)
During our rare moments inside Darla is practicing reading. She wants to do some schooling with her first grade cousin Pearl so she has some catching up to do!
Darla lost her first tooth! She and Hudson told us that Hudson punched it out because she asked him to. After more prodding it turned out that was "just a story, Mom. Really I just slid down the slide and it came out." Apparently that wasn't dramatic enough so she got Hudson to go along with her made-up story. Sheesh... who's kid is this?
Another milestone- we potty trained Everett this week. This may be my least favorite part of being a parent. The initial 3 days of potty training I always think, "Never again! I don't care if they wear diapers forever! In fact, I may stop having children for the sole reason of having to potty train them."
Yet the three days of focusing solely on Everett; swinging, playing trains, reading endless stacks of books, was good for both of us. Plus, I can't get over how cute his little squeezy buns are in underwear.
We've also spent time with the Ellis 7. 6 years ago Jasmine and I were tanning on the patio while baby Pearl napped. Now we are constantly counting heads. The good news is, a coffee that used to last an hour now lasts all day. Who has time to sip a coffee when you have 8 energetic bodies fueling off each other?
Note: These are only Jasmine's kids on the tire swing. It's not a birthday party- it's her every day.
Impromptu pizza at the park with Taylors & Ellis'.
Everett and Jude discovering each other. When Everett says "Jude" it sounds like "a dude." He walks around saying "Hi a dude. Hi a dude" repeatedly.

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