Monday, September 13, 2010

Bloody & Bruised- Nothing Beats a Brother

The crying wasn't easing up while I was trying to get things put away in the kitchen. I relented and went into the living room. I found Hudson laying flat on his stomach crying and yelling. Everett had a small stool that goes with our drum set on top of Hudson. Everett was then laying across the drum stool, successfully pinning Hudson.

I told Everett to get off- wrestling is over. Hudson looked up and with a big cry, blood started trickling out of his mouth. I could clearly see a bottom tooth (which was not loose previously) hanging crooked.

I grabbed Hudson, a towel for the blood, and we sat together for awhile. He cried. And cried. And cried. I knew it must have hurt awful because he is not a crier. After half an hour he managed to tell me that it was the drum stool that hit him square in the face. Apparently Everett knew that wrestling his big older brother wasn't a fair fight and swung that thing clear around to nail Hudson in the face. To Everett's credit, he was apologetic. He thought it would be a good move and didn't quite understand the pain he caused.

Hudson wasn't about to pull the towel out of his mouth. He wouldn't take the tylenol and he wouldn't let me slip some ice into the towel. Finally, I snuggled him in bed before he fell asleep for naps. As he was relaxing he pulled out the towel to say something. I couldn't pay attention because all I could see was a new gaping hole in the top of his mouth and two now-crooked teeth on the bottom. Good night-I have a 4 year old hockey player!

By the time naps were over he was over the injuries. In fact, he is quite proud that he looks like a hockey player and is waiting for people to mistake him for a 6 yr. old. His gums are still blue and swollen three days later. Here we are at age 4: one tooth missing from running into a wall, one tooth loose from a "head" on collision with a cousin, one tooth missing from the Drum Stool Incident of 2010, and two loose teeth also from Drum Stool Incident of 2010. I pray this boy learns coordination (and self defense) before his permanent teeth come in!

After church on Sunday Hudson came running out, smiling toothless, holding a picture he colored of two men. He said, "Mom, look! I'm pretending this guy is me and this guy is Everett!"
The picture was labeled "Cain and Abel". Oh, sheesh.

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  1. My little 8 y.o. has the cutest toothless grin ... and he's had it since he was 2 years old. Oh yes.

    His "adult teeth" have never come in. I'm sure he needs to see a dentist about it ... but, alas, no insurance or "extra" money. Hoping he doesn't have to live with this toothless grin until he's a teenager or young adult. It won't be quite so cute by then.

    :) :) :)