Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Molly and her big...

We are in our second week of homeschooling and I am loving it. If I'm completely honest, I probably love it way more than Pearl and Darla do. My sister and I have worked it out so that I have her 1st grader and my kindergartener about 3 times a week for a couple hours. During those hours the girls get to do work together in History, Reading, Writing, and Science. My boys are learning to adjust (and I have stocked up on play-doh, built sweet train tracks, and designated them "helpers" for school time).

There are definitely moments already where I've wondered if it's worth the hassle. As I have two young boys hanging on my legs, piles of laundry undone, books strewn over the kitchen table, and soon I'm wiping a toddler on the toilet while calling out spelling words, I think there are probably better ways to hang on to my sanity.

But then there was Wednesday. The girls (and my boys) learned about carnivores and herbivores. We looked up some links that led us to videos of leopards. All the kids were fixated, firing questions away about the animals, answering my questions, and loving science.

Then the girls were snuggled up on the couch reading to each other as I reheated (for the fifth time) my cup of coffee. They read the sentence, "Molly had a big hat, but..." and for some reason they thought it said, "Molly had a big, hot butt."
I heard giggles...and giggles...and then some snorting with the giggles. Pearl is much like her mother when she giggles- if it comes on strong, sincere and out of control the whole room catches it, too.
When I asked what was so funny Darla said with big eyes, "Oh mom! This book is about butts!" I said, "Darla I think they mean, 'but, then something else'".
"Oh no Mom. It says Molly had a big hot butt!"
Pearl couldn't stand it- she was doubled over with laughter.
I explained their misread but to no avail. Finally Darla said, "Pearl, we have to go to the next page or we'll never stop laughing!"
They did.
Pearl read the page perfectly.
Then Darla added, "AND...MOLLY HAD A BIG HOT BUTT!"
We were forced to commence reading for the day.

How great is it that I get to hear this stuff firsthand instead of over the dinner table after the fact? I either truly have the best job ever or I need to let my humor mature past 5 year old level.


  1. HILARIOUS!! Love it.......I can just see those two giggling away. But, especially Darla...she certainly must get that sense of humor from her Daddy :)

  2. shilo that's hilarious. i remember when my older brother was homeschooled and we were too young, my mom just let us all join in and learn together. It was one of the best things about being homeschooled, we loved it.

  3. This brings back memories from when I was young and working hard on my schooling. I love that Darla is getting to make memories and experience her school time with her family. It's so worth it! And it does get easier, so remember for every hard day you experience it will be made up for with the satisfaction of many great days of learning.

  4. Too funny!

    Even though homeschooling is not always the easiest thing to do ... it's the BEST!!! So glad that you are able to work with the girls 3 days/week.

    :) :) :)