Friday, November 12, 2010

Bathroom Humor

Apparently if you are a two year old or four year old boy, nothing is more hysterical than poop or pee. If you can make a joke with 'poop' as the punch line and then fit in a little butt-wiggle, even better.

I want to do my boys a favor. I want to teach them how to be actually funny...not to merely resort to the inappropriate for laughs. Perhaps I'm motivated by stand-up comedy and by every Adam Sandler movie resorting to gross-out humor when nothing funny is coming. (And yes, I know you all are laughing because you know my husband's propensity to "cross the line" and yes...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)

After a particularly un-funny poop joke made by Hudson I told my kids, "We call that bathroom humor. There's really not a reason to laugh about things that happen in the bathroom or about private parts. Those are natural ways God made us and it's "private" for a reason. We aren't going to joke about it anymore."

They understood. they actually understood too much. At first it was working well. Until Darla said, "I have to pee."
Hudson gasped. "Mo-om! Darla said 'pee'!"
I sighed. "It's okay to say that you are going to use the bathroom. I just don't like it when you're always laughing and making jokes about what you do in the bathroom."
I thought the point was received but as I walked out 2 yr. old Everett said, "Mom!"
"Yes, Everett?"
"Darla say baf-room umor."
"Everett, did you just say 'bathroom humor'?"
Now anytime someone says something that makes everyone laugh, regardless of the topic, Everett is quick to accuse, "baf-room umor!"

Hudson was at the table when Darla was the accuser. "Hudson said pee over and over!"
Innocent eyes looking up he said, "I was just saying the alphabet. L, M, N, O, P. P. Peeeee..."

Yesterday on the toilet I encouraged Everett, "Make sure you get it all out."
He grunted, closed his eyes, and made some extremely dramatic noises. He then opened his eyes a crack, grinned crooked and whispered, "Bafroom umor, Mom."

I am so losing this one.


  1. Needed that laugh. Bubba calls it "potty talk" and actually told me... as I tend to be the one that goes over the line... that I can't use potty talk. Gotta love those boys.

  2. Ah Man! Edge and I just read this out loud and were BOTH laughing....I don't think Halle came home with any "baf room umor" :) Oh my!!