Monday, December 13, 2010


One of my big hopes in homeschooling Darla this year was that my boys would have bonding time. Hudson has been dependent on Darla for his entire life and I wanted to intentionally push him toward Everett.
The first month was rough; Hudson missing his sister, Everett wanting to spend school time on my lap with my face in his hands so he could focus my eyes on himself.

As we start week 11 of school I have noticed a huge shift. This morning I was reading to the 'school girls' and could hear my boys laughing and playing pretend. (I was only interrupted each time they had to tell on each other for using bathroom humor.) An hour went by and I realized they had played peacefully together the entire time.

Everett has become Hudson's little mimic. When Hudson is talking, Everett is quietly mumbling- repeating every word Hudson says. He still calls Hudson "bruthy" but gets mad if anyone else calls Hudson "bruthy". Occasionally he'll say "Brother" but never says "Hudson" even though he is more than able to.
Last night it was quiet in the boys' room. Then Everett came out, dragging his blanket, into the living room. With concern in his eyes he said, "Bruthy not coming."
"What do you mean?"
"Bruthy not coming."
"Good. He knows he's supposed to stay in bed. Now you stay in bed, too. Good night."
Reluctantly, Everett went back to their room.
Curious, I followed. When he sat in bed he was on the verge of tears. "Bruthy not coming a my room!"
"Bruthy's not coming to your room?"
I looked up on the top bunk to what Everett couldn't see from the bottom- Hudson sprawled out and sound asleep.
"Everett, do you think Bruthy's not coming because you don't hear him when you talk to him?"
"Yeah." (Lip quivering)
"Everett, Hudson is asleep. He's not talking because he is asleep. Look. Now you go to sleep, too and please stop talking to him when he's sleeping."
Satisified, Everett promptly fell to sleep.

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  1. Brothers are the best! Just in the past few weeks I've enjoyed that growing special bond I see between my boys. Can't imagine one without the other.