Thursday, December 30, 2010

My apology to "Whatcom Places"

I mentioned in a previous post my long-time friend, Logan. My family became friends with Logan because he happened to move to our little town in the Northwest corner of Washington the same week that we did. It was fall of my senior year and he was a sophomore- in my sister's class. My sister, Logan, and I stuck together to try to figure out this interesting community where everything closes at 5:30pm, where we were the only ones that hadn't worked the berries in the summer (although I'm proud to say I have now!), and everyone went to church Sunday after partying Saturday.

The first time we went to Logan's house we discovered a book on his parent's coffee table called "Whatcom Places". (Whatcom is the county Lynden is in). We flipped through the pictures laughing. "These places don't exist! Who makes this stuff up?! What kind of angle is that anyway?" It became a long-lasting joke that the whole book was a farce.

I was thinking about "Whatcom Places" as I drove home after running errands this morning; a fresh blanket of snow on the Canadian mountains as well as Mt. Baker, blinding sunshine, and green grass. I thought, We were so wrong.

I have now lived here for about 8 years and I have seen most of those Whatcom Places. They are not exaggerated. They are not photo-shopped. They are real. So with a sigh, I must concede. I am sorry Whatcom Places, that I doubted you. I was wrong in my mockery.

This truly is my view as I pull out of my driveway to drive to the gym in the morning- only my view is better because the sun rises in the back and shoots out all shades of pink and yellow.
I know! This looks made up. But I confess, I drink coffee here regularly and this doesn't even show the indoor/outdoor fireplace.'s real. I wouldn't believe it but I've walked it.
Mt. Baker. I've skied it and the view from the top is just as good.
Yes, I thought it ridiculous a town should have such high standards for lawn maintenance. But I've conformed. I love these streets.

But please, don't tell people about our little corner. I'm afraid if people knew they might come in droves... and I've actually become kind of partial to a small town.

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  1. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Felix, felix culpa!!

    I too am glad that we were WRONG about that book!