Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love, Love

When I met S. I was anti-Valentine's Day. Maybe it was the non-conformist in me, maybe it was the overt commercialism, maybe it was the feeling of forced affection or the combination of pink and red. Regardless, I informed S. that I wasn't a fan of the love fest that is February 14.

He responded by an over-the-top romantic dinner, flowers, sparkling cider (with a custom label he made and glued on), a menu he designed with inside jokes incorporated, and lots of pink and red. He did this all on February 13 and called it an "Un-Valentine" celebration.

So...I lost that battle. As I've so obviously matured I do enjoy Valentine's but wanted to make it a family celebration instead of just a romantic night for S. and me. Last year a dear friend surprised Darla and me by sending a Valentine package- everything we needed to throw a party for the five of us. It began a fun tradition for the five of us. This year we were again surprised by a Valentine kit in the mail and set to work decorating.

Darla adores Valentine's. She loves the decorating, the creativity, the getting "fanced up" as she calls it, and mostly...the ice cream sundaes.
Loving on their valentine.

Notice that we managed one shot with nice smiles... except for S. looking tough...
When we say "smile for the camera" my kids think it means "pull a funny face and try to make everyone laugh"... which they apparently get from their father.
And of course- my valentine.

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