Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Superheroes and Snow Leopards

Last night my boys dressed up as Spiderman and Batman. I heard Hudson (Batman) say, "Everett- say, 'send out your best soldier'"!
Everett (Spiderman) complied.
Batman responded with "I come at you in the NAME OF THE LORD!"
I came around the corner to find Batman and Spiderman facing off...with punching gloves on.
"Were you guys just quoting David and Goliath?"
Batman the plagiarizer looked up sheepishly. "Yeah, David said that. But I'm Batman."
Oh. Clearly.

This morning the superheroes were back at it. Darla was feeling left out and sulking accordingly. I suggested that she use her own dress up to be a princess superhero. Eagerly, she put on her Christmas dress.
"Mom, I kinda look like a snow leopard with the spots on my dress. Huh. I think I'll be Queen of the Snow Leopards. I'll live in the Arctic. When it gets too cold and dark then I'll migrate to the rainforest." (Can you tell what she's been learning about?)

So... running up and down the hall, up and across my bed, 3 very unique superheroes saved some snow leopards and subsequently ruled over them.

There you have it. Today's plot, courtesy of the Taylors.


  1. We loved the Animals book! We went to the Houston Zoo shortly after learning about New Zealand's animals. We saw a bird we had read about, and I think I got more excited than the kids!

    I think one of the most rewarding moments in homeschooling is overhearing one of the kids randomly tell others about one of our lessons. Or, when we hear/ see something that we learned about and they turned to me and say, "Hey, we read about that!"

    So good to meet you the other day!

  2. Adorable!

    Sure wish that blogs had been invented when my kids were at such a cute age. What a fun way to keep a journal of family life.

    :) :) :)

  3. Ever seen the Bibleman series? Extremely cheesy, but Bubba loves it!