Thursday, October 29, 2009


One thing I love about almost-a-year-and-a-half is how kids' need for Dad intensifies. It's at this age I'll be pulling my hair out thinking, "What's wrong with this kid?!" Then S. comes home, passes out kisses & wrestles, and my toddler transforms into a cheerful child again. I then realize, "Oh yeah, he just needed his Dad."

Everett throws himself on the floor in tears when S. leaves for work. In fact, he can sense it's about that time of the morning and runs into our room to block Sean from finishing getting ready...pleading with him to stay. Everett's bribes include laying his head on S.'s shoulder, and kissing him while clasping both sides of his face.

One of Everett's favorite things when S. is laying down is to stand on top of his stomach or chest and yell "G-eee!" (with a hard 'G') We have no idea what G-eee is but it seems to be "Go" or "Ride 'em cowboy" or "Hit me with your best shot!" all in one. S. responds by tackling, wrestling, or propelling him into the air... all of which is met with laughter and more "G-eee!"

Darla bonds with S. often over 'coffee time', or at the library picking out books. They share a love for food so often end up at the Co-Op for muffins. Ever since he taught her how to ride without training wheels they also have special bike rides together.

Hudson and S. work on the car together (I think Hudson's knowledge of tools now surpasses mine). They roam the aisles of Napa together, doing life shoulder to shoulder.

As Everett develops his interests and personality I'm excited to see what he shares with his Dad. Right now it seems to be wrestling, rolling balls, playing cars. He's ready for adventure & it's a good thing S. has been hitting the gym. With 3-on-1 wrestling he has to be ready.

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