Wednesday, June 9, 2010

About to get our world rocked

One year ago this month my sister Jasmine felt compelled to begin the adoption process while sitting in a Sunday church service. Sure that her own mother emotions were being stirred and wondering if it might have to do with recent miscarriages, she asked the Lord to tell her husband Lance the same thing if it was truly supposed to be.
One week later to the day Lance said, "I think we need to look into adopting."

They did. And like everything that Lance & Jazz do, they went at it full force (somehow over-acheiving and excelling even in this).
I could fill up pages of the amazing things that have come to pass through the process; from funding, to the process itself, to the way Ethiopia has been changing adoption laws which hurried along placing these boys with them.

On Monday Gage Moses Tafesse (age 4) and Jude Harrison Abush (age 2) became legally my nephews. We are now waiting to hear about an embassy date which will determine when Lance and Jasmine can go to Ethiopia to pick them up and bring them home.

Their siblings, Pearl (age 5), Eve (age 4) and James (age 2) are counting down the days and spend much time staring at their pictures and picking out toys for them. Jasmine just got a rocking chair recovered because you see by one look at these little faces that they are going to need a lot of snuggling. (Not just because they need it but because who could see these faces and NOT smother them?!)

Gage Moses

Jude Harrison

This brings the count to 12 kids on the Tadema side... all of them from 2-5 yrs old. Par-tay!


  1. So looking forward to meeting these precious boys!!!

    After my kids get married, make sure you and Jas. tell them how wonderful it is to have so many cousins so close in age. :) How cool!

    Laurel :)

  2. LOVE this...and YOU!! Can't wait to meet Jude & Gage. Blessings Taylor family. Please know you are never far from our thoughts or prayers.