Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gone Fishin'

The beginning of a new month, a new week, new hope on the horizon... ?

Last week S. found out he did not get the job with an investment company he interviewed 3 times with. We were at peace with letting it go and hopeful that something else might be around the corner. ("The corner" being this week.)

He was prepared for a meeting today that could mean big things for some dreams. How fitting to have a significant meeting on the first day of June as we kick off our fifth month of "what the heck are we doing with our lives". We woke up and had coffee & our own quiet time before the kids were up. Over breakfast I tried not to over talk about the building hope in what this month might bring.

As I started on my big to-do list and S. got ready for his meeting, he got a call saying the meeting was cancelled until tomorrow. Normally not a big deal but when you spend five months feeling constantly let down... there comes a point when even 24 hours feels completely overwhelming.

"I'm going fishing. Hudson, want to come fishing?"

The big birthday present for S. this year was a pole & license because he has wanted to take up fishing with Hudson. As Hudson excitedly jumped to...so did everyone else. Everett threw his blanket on the ground, grabbed his "fire boots" and said, "Bye Mommy. Bye Mommy."

What was intended for S. to have a couple hours to clear his head turned into a full on family event. I ditched my list (& the guilt that accompanies throwing a day out the window... I am getting used to this!) We packed a lunch and headed out.
The van wouldn't start.
After a quick prayer & a few tries we got it going and called the mechanic to get it in tomorrow. Determined, we ventured on.
We got to the lake and for whatever reason, the new fishing pole wasn't working properly.

After too much time and frustration, S. put his own pole down and we all fished using Hudson's Toy Story themed fishing pole.
While waiting for her turn, Darla fished with her hands.

(Yes, I can have coffee time anywhere.)

At the end of our morning all 3 kids had removed their pants and were splashing in the cold lake water. It was sprinkling off and on, windy, and not quiet or peaceful. S. and I sat watching without words. I noticed he had a funny smile/smirk/I-could-laugh-cry-or-punch-a-wall look on his face.
"Are you thinking about what a screwed up and yet slightly charming life you have?"
Now he did laugh. "That sums it up perfectly."

*No, we didn't catch anything. But we decided on the drive home that catching a fish would have been in direct contradiction with the rest of our lives. It was fitting and appropriate to come home with three wet children & no fish.

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  1. So sorry that your day didn't start out very well.

    So glad that you could pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, and "go fishing".

    If we had tried to go fishing, I'm sure our day would have turned out quite similarly. We probably wouldn't have caught any fish. My kids would have certainly gotten wet, no matter how cold the day or the lake. I would have been sitting on a rock with my cup of Woods Coffee. Oh yea!

    While we do at least have a partial income right now (so aren't quite in the same boat as you), our stories this year sure have a lot of similarities, as far as "the big picture of this puzzle does not look like we thought it was going to last summer, when we so excitedly accepted a new job, put our house on the market, and moved away."

    Our job hasn't turned into what we hoped it would. (Can't provide for the family.)

    Our move turned out to be temporary.

    Our house hasn't sold. We had to move back to the "old house".

    Now, on the plus side for you, at least you have dear S. with you and the kids. We have now been apart from our sweet Papa for 7 long weeks. That is a very long time in the life of our little ones.

    Praying for S. job situation.

    Please pray for our dear Papa's job situation.

    Praying for wisdom for you as you navigate this most unexpected place in life.

    Please pray for wisdom for us, as we navigate our puzzle that isn't coming together as we had hoped and planned.

    Love you guys!!! Hope to have you over for coffee soon!

    Laurel :)