Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A fun-packed weekend

The fun began on Friday night with my brother-in-law Lance's graduation from Fire Academy.
We left the house in a hurry: all 3 children were crying (okay, screaming bloody murder) and Megan was attempting to calm them since she was going to be baby-sitting for the evening. We hurried to the ceremony. 10 min. in, S. looked down and realized he was still wearing his slippers! Needless to say, I had out of control giggles for most of the ceremony.

So proud of Lance- not only did he graduate from a ridiculously hard program, he won a leadership award in the process.
Also incredibly proud of my sister who juggled her own work, 3 young children, and preparing travel to Ethiopia while Lance worked full-time and completed Fire Academy.
And apparently side pony-tails are a turn on. Who knew?
...and my personal favorite of my handsome husband...in his house slippers.
Saturday morning we went with our wonderful neighbors to catch some fish. (Pictured are Julianne and Sara: the best neighbors in the world).
Kyle helped Darla catch her first fish and is now her hero. She loved the idea of fishing. She hated the way fish wiggle when they pop out of the water.
Hudson was beyond giddy. This is the moment where we said, "You got something! Reel it in!"
Hudson caught 3 fish and talked about little else for the rest of the weekend.
Everett felt quite left out so we had some fun play time (which I prefer over retrieving hooks from fish mouths anyway).

Hudson won a brand new fishing pole for second largest fish.
Our catch: Hudson caught 3 and Darla caught 2
That night Hudson managed to fall of his bike and fall onto another bike- hitting his head on the bar. This picture does not even do justice to the size of the goose egg he sported.
Yes, we caved and spent too much money on a tractor pinata for our boy.
...and we caved and got him the guns he wanted. We realized immediately that we'd have to set up some ground rules for the new toys!
And the topper for our weekend-o-fun: cupcakes with strawberries. Ahhh.

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  1. The slippers ... WAY TOO FUNNY!!! I would have been giggling the whole ceremony, as well. Oh my!

    Shilo, you are so dressed up and lookin' beautiful. And, S ... well, definitely lookin' like S. Calm, cool, and casual ... even in those awesome house slippers.

    I don't think I should buy my hubby house slippers, or he just might slip out of the house in them, too. I can totally see him wearing them "out and about" somewhere.

    Love you guys! Hope to see you soon!

    Laurel :)