Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Midnight Gift

At 1am this morning we got to see how God answered our prayers for the little one we've had on our hearts for a month now. In fact, this little girly has been smothered with kisses, held, rocked, had six hands fighting over who gets to hold the bottle...all day today.

I would love to pour out the miracles; beautiful moments orchestrated by God that we are seeing. At the same time, foster care has heavy responsibilities in confidentiality and privacy during this stage. So many stories yet to come.

We probably won't know for awhile if we'll get to adopt Little Girly but I can tell you it took all of one minute to decide that we'd like to! At this stage her social worker will be exploring what the best permanent solution for her will be. We would love for you to join us in praying for God's best. There seems to be quite a battle going on and we believe that God has a beautiful redemptive story to write with her life. Please pray that nothing would hinder the best and that she would be protected in her body and soul.

I was hoping to share more but I have four kiddos to tuck in to bed so it will have to wait- thank you for all your prayers and sharing in our giddiness!


  1. EEK!!! That's sooooo exciting! Praying for Little Girly and for your family!

    (hmmm... I think the D family might need to practice their newborn-baby-holding skills...)

  2. Yea for babies!

    I think Vicky is right ... we may need some baby practice. :)

    Missed you at BSF this morning. Guess this was what you were busy with.

    Blessings & Prayers for you all, as you wait to see what God's plan is in all of this.

    Laurel :)

  3. Oh man! I read this with a HUGE lump in my throat and tears in my have waited patiently and our Jesus has answered your prayer. We would love to come over and snuggle with her!!
    We love all SIX of you,

  4. Wow! It is amazing I have found your blog! (God - Amazing I shall say)! Currently I am meant to be doing my university studies, but taking a break to look at a few blogs. Just two days ago we were discussing after church adoption and whether God has it in store for us. Each time we think of it - he pops little extra snippets in for us!

    I hope Little Girly is well xox Blessings from Australia x