Friday, March 11, 2011

A Most Productive Un-Productive Week

Oh yes, now I remember what it's like to have a baby. I remember what it's like after a string of interruptions to say, "What was I just going to do? Oh yeah, I had to go to the bathroom... was that really an hour ago?" I remember what it's like to wake up at 5am and realize, "Hooray! She's sleeping through the night!" and then be too excited to go back to sleep.

Each day I have my list of to-dos and each night my jaw drops at how little I was able to accomplish. In fact, one morning this week S. was about to shower when he realized he didn't even have one pair of clean underwear. Never in 10 years have I let that happen!

It has taken immense discipline for me to slow down, block out the messes, unanswered e mails, and lists to focus in on our new Little Girly. It is quite different than having my other three kids as infants because Little Girly came with an empty love tank. I have determined to comfort her often. I'm pretty sure the only way she was comforted was with a bottle so it's taking much effort to teach her to be comforted by touch, singing, and cuddling- not to mention the resulting eating habits that need correcting.

Our CPS social worker came over to check on Little Girly and find out how our first week went. When the social worker began speaking to her, Little Girly grinned and cooed back. The social worker in surprise told me, "The foster family who had her the night before I brought her here said they couldn't get a smile or much eye contact from her. I found the same thing the day I had her."
After a few more minutes of debriefing, she shook her head and said, "I can't believe the difference a week has already made in her."

This morning when I walked in the room Little Girly gave me an enthusiastic reception complete with grins and leg kicks. Just a few days ago I would have to say her name repeatedly to get her to focus in on me.
S. came in while I was giving her a bath and I pointed out how she doesn't seem scared of the bath anymore- she actually got a few splashes in!

As he walked out of the bathroom he said, "See? Look at what a hugely productive week you've had."

I'm so glad he feels that way...because I'm not sure how much clean underwear is left.


  1. Shilo,

    Thank you so much for answering the call for the foster care/adoption ministry. You are changing the world by loving on Little Girly's little heart.

    And God bless your husband for offering you an uplifting comment during an exhausting time.

    As far as the laundry goes, are your other little Taylor's able to help out? I know I'm often guilty of thinking my children are less capable than they are until they prove otherwise by sneaking and doing something to surprise me.

    Either way, as with most home-keeping duties, the laundry will be there tomorrow. It's better to be a day or ten behind with laundry than to lose a day you can never get back of your little ones growing.

    Praying for you,

    Rebecca Burgener

  2. great job doing what the Lord has clled your family to do :)

  3. Clean underwear just isn't as important right now ... you are making a difference in Little Girly's life, and that's crazy productive!! In the grand scheme, all the other "to-do's" on your list are just white noise in the background. You are doing an amazing thing ... and God bless you for it!!

  4. I say...just buy Sean some more underwear! :) That's what I did with Aaron...hehehe! Seriously, every night I remember all the things I did not get done because of our silly, curious little brown girl. I love this Shilo and you....we need to connect soon. I do have a gluten free brownie mix burning a hole in my pantry :)

  5. Wow, how wonderful. I get the housework thing - but babies are not babies for long. Your sweet baby is blessed to have you - I am so impressed by the change in her development. What intense love and warmth you have given her. xo