Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting to know you

This picture was taken on the best day this year- my 30th birthday. It was the best day because my wise husband put aside his grand plans to whisk me away to Seattle or B.C. and spoil think instead about what I would enjoy in a day.
I love having a husband who is intentional about pursuing me instead of assuming he already knows what I like.
We went to Fairhaven, took a long walk on the docks over to Boulevard and spent the afternoon watching sailboats and people- coffee in hand, naturally. As much as he wanted to do something elaborate for dinner...we had a coupon for Red Robin and he knew I'd relax if I wasn't worried about spending too much money. Truly, I am strange- an $11 dinner for 2 made my day. We took our Cold Stone ice cream to a private golf course (a little trespassing) for a good view and deep talks. We considered listening to a parking lot band but they were lousy so we jumped back into the car for a drive. We drove through some areas we like to scope out all the houses we dream about living in (this is easily a favorite pastime in my family). My gift was having some family pictures taken by a good friend and excellent photographer. I can't wait to post some and I can't tell you how thankful I am that my husband knew me well enough to not spend a lot of money.

In the fall I will have known S. for 12 years...and it is downright exciting to be getting to know each other.


  1. How wonderfully true - as we are all very complex and our preferences change as God grows and stretches us. I love you both and am constantly learning from you. Thank you for being so very transparent and real!

  2. So glad I "stumbled upon" your blog, Shilo. Now, I know I always have a place to visit when I want to read about something heartwarming, down to earth, authentic, full of warmth and simple joys. Even though we lives oceans away from each other, I can identify with what you shared.

    My husband of 30 years is like that to me, too...and we also have learned the hard way that a celebration need not cost too much money.

    Looking forward to the family pics...

    Again happy 30th year!


  3. Not sure who the crazy peep is that is posting on your site, but I love you guys and loved the birthday-day story :)