Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home and Hungry

Day 4 of home in the United States. I called Jasmine this morning and she reported that Gage and Jude each had 5 pieces of toast with a heap of eggs for breakfast. Moments later I heard Jude approach her and ask for more bread. Looks like this might be a "2 loaves a day" family for awhile. It seems fitting since God is in the business of multiplying bread and He has been faithful not only to multiply the Ellis children, but the funds and resources to do it.

The transition has been turbulent this week: James and Eve have both had
the stomach flu. Gage and Jude seem to have a parasite which has meant never ending bathroom trips for all the little ones (not to mention loads of laundry done in the middle of the night). Gage has an ear infection and scalp fungus to top the list of ailments. Perhaps more than the care, medicine, illness, and jet lag is the realization that these handsome little ones need eyes on them at all times. Great curiosity leads them to run unannounced from the living room to the middle of the street, brings fingers to touch the stove, and discovered with excitement the knife drawer. A language barrier and 5 little personalities is entertaining... yet exhausting!

I would love to entertain you with endless stories of my new little nephews but this is also Lance and Jasmine's story to tell.

Jasmine expressed at the beginning of the adoption journey that she didn't merely want an
"easy road" for her life, she wanted to see the face of God. She wanted to be obedient and willing even when the cost seemed high. I have not a doubt that God will be revealing Himself to them as they mesh this colorful family. I know that Lance and Jasmine will continually find that they are at the end of themselves and propelled only by the Holy Spirit. I am confident that God's grace will change and transform the Ellis 7.

Now it is cheers to 5 baskets at the front door holding shoes, sunglasses, and hats, 5 bikes in the driveway, 5 car seats in the suburban, a truckload
of bananas on the counter, and a town full of support and encouragement on this road of faith and adventure!


  1. Yeah! So good to see pics of this BLESSED family!

    Grandma Kate has a sweet smile on her face ... oh so happy to have 2 more babes to add to her beautiful family!

    Can't wait to meet these two. Please pass along BIG hugs and prayers to your sweet sis.

    Laurel :)